Retroactive Design

2022 June 6 - June 17, Bucharest

Marian Gheorghe
invited Mihai Pâlșu

Vimana is pleased to announce Retroactive Design by Marian Gheorghe, an exhibition built around cryptic repurposing in decoration.

On his time travels, Marian Gheorghe combines scavenged industrial objects with actual technology, giving them a new life as contemporary artifacts.  Invested with charm and a sense of humor, made from bronze, nickel, wood and light bulbs, functionally they are lamps, light generators. However, you can hardly take them simply as ambiently and complementary, but rather they play a much better role as room subjects, each of them being unique and unrepeatable, giving the interior a sense of theatrical.
-(n+1) group

Installation Views

Light Lamps by Marian Gheorghe

Colored Glass Sculptures by Mihai Pâlșu