Traversing space in godly chariots

In the beginning of 2022, in Bucharest, Romania, VIMANA started as an experimental joint-venture, an artist-run project initiated by a need to create a coherent documentational framework for a small group (n+1) of fellow artists. It is a cooperative effort and not intended to represent the exhibited professionals, but rather to record and expose some of their activity and dialogs about the local art. The experiment continues to spark the discussion about exponent ideas, inherent limitations, and the Romanian art scene today. La inceputul anului 2022, in Bucuresti, VIMANA a aparut ca un joint-venture experimental, un proiect artist-run initiat din nevoia de a crea un cadru documentational coerent si functional in folosul unui grup de artisti numit (n+1). Proiectul este bazat pe efort colectiv si nu intentioneaza sa reprezinte expozantii, ci doar sa inregistreze si sa dezvaluie parti din activitatea si discursul lor artistic. Experimentul continua sa aprinda discutii in jurul ideilor exponente in arta, limitarilor de ordin material si social, si scena artei Romanesti in context.